Tracking system for a drainage cleaner

Carbon holder


The purpose of the carbon holder (electric brush holder) is to transfer the signal from the transmitter to the signal ring connected to the cleaner pipe and to transmit the signal through the cleaner pipe.

Signal ring


The signal ring receives a signal from a carbon holder (electric brush holder) connected to the transmitter. The signal ring is connected to a drainage pipe.

Tracking system “Vivax-Metrotech Vscan”


Our Hydro-Jet models feature our own tracking system, which is different from other fault location tracking systems on the market. The drain cleaner pipe is serving as a sensor to the fault location tracking system. The signal is provided by a Watt transmitter which transmits the signal through the cleaner pipe and is received by the vScan receiver. This system provides:

  • Accurate and quick detection of a fault up to depth of 4m;
  • Adjustable signal reception strength;
  • Connectivity via Bluetooth;
  • USB connection;
  • Possibility to determine approximate depth of the washing pipe.