Simple and efficient drainage system

Simple and efficient drainage system.

LLC Baltic Invest is the leading manufacturer of drainage cleaners in the Baltic States with extensive experience in the countries of the European Union and Russia. Integrating the latest technologies in product development increases not only production efficiency, but also the quality and long-term performance of the end product.

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Why to choose drain cleaners Hidro-Jet?

In the production process, we use only the highest quality raw materials supplied by the leading German and Italian manufacturers. Our product has been developed and improved several times in cooperation with its consumers.

Four rubber wheel drive

It is essentially needed when the pipe is pulled out of the drainage system without removing the water pressure. This is necessary to rinse the earth’s sludge and plant roots, which create great resistance in this process.

Tracking system

The fault location tracking system is an invention of LLC Baltic Invest. This system allows you to quickly and accurately finding the damage site in a drainage.

Frame made of folded parts

The Hidro-Jet frame is made of folded parts that are screwed together. If one of the frame parts is damaged, it may be simply replaced. Replacing individual parts would not have been possible if they had been welded.


LLC Baltic Invest has been producing drain cleaners since 2009. The first cleaners were produced on the farm and were intended for the Baltic market only. Since the launch of the product on the market, a number of customer suggestions and feedback have been received that have helped make several improvements to the drain cleaner until we have the product as it is today.

One of such improvements is the established tracking system, which allows determining the exact place of blockage, reducing the working hours and fuel costs of the customer up to 50%. This improvement received great attention from our customers, resulting in us being the largest suppliers of drain cleaners in the Baltic States.

With the rapid growth of demand not only in the Baltic States, but also in other European Union countries and Russia, production volumes were increased in 2017 in order to maintain constant product quality during the intensive production process.

Common causes of blockages in drainage systems:

Overgrowth of ditches with bushes interfering or completely blocking water draining.

Shifts or breakdowns of drainage pipes that cause a risk to soil and plant roots to enter the drainage system and block water flow.

The location of drainage sources under water, which contributes to their overgrowth with algae and other plants.

Growing of plant roots in a system inhibits or completely blocks system operation.

Irregular rinsing of drainage systems, resulting in overgrowth of pipes and formation of organic sediments within them.

Sand penetration into a drainage system due to poor filtration or water extraction from wells without cleaning.

Save time and money with drain cleaners Hydro-Jet

The tracking system developed by us has proven its effectiveness by significantly reducing the time and resources spent by our customers
It increases work efficiency0%
Fuel savings up to 30%0%
Up to 30% lower operating costs0%

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Drain cleaners Hidro-Jet technical specification

  Hidro-Jet 150 Hidro-Jet 300 Hidro-Jet 300+
Three-point mounting
Two-way hydraulic connection
Hydraulic control sections 1 4 5
Water pump drive from a PTO
Maximum capacity 125 l/min – 50 bar – 550 apgr./min
Recommended operating mode 110 l/min – 25 -35bar – 550 rpm
Pressure regulator with pressure gauge
Venting system
Water changeover valve from the DN27 to DN20 flushing pipe -
PEH cleaner pipe Ø 27mm x 5,5mm
Ø 27mm x 5,5mm
* Available:Ø 27 mm x 5.5 mm / 500m
PEH cleaner pipe - Ø 20mm x 3.0mm
Spray head for Ø 27 mm PEH pipe
Spray head for Ø 20 mm PEH pipe -
Meter counter (pcs.) 1 2
Hydraulic motors (pcs.) 1 3 5
Hydraulic cylinders (pcs.) - 3
Hydraulic height and length adjustment of the washer lever arm;
Hydraulic insertion and pulling out of the washer lever arm;
Hydraulics of the washer lever arm can be adjusted horizontally;
The washer lever arm is intended for rinsing from the channel;
The washer lever arm is intended for rinsing from the well.
Empty 480 kg 810 kg 1 040 kg
Filled with water 550 kg 960 kg 1 240 kg
Width 1.10m 1.45m
Length 1.65m 2.50m
Height 2.05m 3.20m

If you are not sure about the most suitable model, we encourage you to take the opportunity to get advice.

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