The drain cleaner Hidro-Jet 150

The drain cleaner Hidro-Jet 150 is simple and convenient to use. It is equipped with a 150 m flushing hose, 1-section hydraulic divider, hydraulic motor, pressure regulator with pressure gauge, meter counter, it is optionally equipped with a clogging system. The flushing pipe is manually entered into the drainage system, but is pulled out by a hydraulic motor located on the cleaner coil.

We recommend the Hidro-Jet 150 for small farms where there is no need to rinse large volumes and where the farms want to do drainage rinsing and repairs by their own, as they may not always be able to outsource when needed. Due to the low price of the Hidro-Jet 150, this model is easily accessible for small farms, saving on outsourcing, which often costs more than purchasing a drain cleaner; moreover, the work can be done when needed. A well-functioning drainage system improves the condition of arable land and is an important prerequisite for high yields.

Advantages of Hidro-Jet 150

  • Simple and easy use;
  • Screwed frame construction;
  • Low operating costs;
  • Compact size;
  • Good price;
  • Can be equipped with tracking system.

Technical data

  Hidro-Jet 150 Hidro-Jet 300
Three-point mounting
Two-way hydraulic connection
Hydraulic control sections 1 4
Water pump drive from a PTO
Maximum capacity 125 l/min – 50 bar – 550 apgr./min
Recommended operating mode 110 l/min – 25 -35bar – 550 rpm
Pressure regulator with pressure gauge
Venting system
PEH cleaner pipe Ø 27mm x 5,5mm
Ø 27mm x 5,5mm
* Available:Ø 27 mm x 5.5 mm / 500m
PEH cleaner pipe - Ø 20mm x 3.0mm
Spray head for Ø 27 mm PEH pipe
Meter counter (pcs.) 1
Hydraulic motors (pcs.) 1 3
Hydraulic cylinders (pcs.) - 3
Hydraulic height and length adjustment of the washer lever arm;
Hydraulic insertion and pulling out of the washer lever arm;
Hydraulics of the washer lever arm can be adjusted horizontally;
The washer lever arm is intended for rinsing from the channel;
The washer lever arm is intended for rinsing from the well.
Empty 480 kg 810 kg
Filled with water 550 kg 960 kg
Width 1.10m 1.45m
Length 1.65m 2.50m
Height 2.05m 3.20m

Photo gallery

Drain cleaner meter

Water pump

Pressure regulator with pressure gauge